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Vincent Keymer

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Vincent runner-up at the World Rapid Championship
Vincent participates in the Rapid World Championship for the first time and receives silver in an extremely strong field.
“Schoolboy Vincent Keymer secures shock triumph at Grenke Open“
The Guardian, London
“Selbst Weltmeister Magnus Carlsen schaute Vincent in diesem gewaltigen Ringen immer wieder über die Schulter; möglicherweise sah er in ihm einen künftigen Herausforderer, schließ­lich hatte schon Garri Kasparow dem damals noch Elfjährigen ein riesiges Talent bescheinigt.“
Helmut Pfleger, Die Zeit, Hamburg
“Vincent Keymer is regarded as the most talented chess player Germany has produced in half a century.“
Deutsche Welle
“Deutsches Schach-Juwel düpiert Welt-Elite“

Vincent's tournaments

2023-07-15 – 2023-07-27
2023-02-14 – 2023-02-27
2023-02-04 – 2023-02-05
2023-01-13 – 2023-01-29
2022-12-25 – 2022-12-31

About Vincent

Vincent is born on 15 November in Mainz.
At age of five Vincent stumbles upon a chess set, which fascinates him. He insists to learn the rules and tries to understand and get better in the game ever since.
Vincent wins the international U8 championship in Sebnitz with a score of 9/9 at the age of six.
Vincent wins the German youth championship U10 for a second time after 2013, this time with a 100% score.
In February Vincent, aged ten, achieves his first IM norm with a 2543 Elo performance at the Pfalz Open.

With Vincent the first team of his chess club, SK Gau-Algesheim, re-enters the Oberliga (third league).

In August he wins gold with the German team at the U18 European team championship in Karpacz, Poland.
Third place at the Vienna open, achieving his second IM norm with a 2601 Elo performance.

At the youth world championship in Batumi he finishes shared 2nd-5th.
Vincent achieves his third and final IM norm with a fourth place at the German championship. He is now Germany's youngest IM of all times.

For the second time he wins the gold medal with the German team at the U18 European team championship in Rymanow-Zdroj, Poland.

Vincent now plays for the Schachfreunde Deizisau in the Schachbundesliga, the German first league.
Vincent wins the Grenke open in Karlsruhe scoring 8/9 and achieving his first GM norm with an Elo performance of 2811.

Four months later he gets the second GM norm at the Xtracon open in Helsingør.
In April Vincent plays his first top-level tournament: the Grenke Chess Classic in Karlsruhe he qualified for by winning the open in 2018.

He scores his third and final GM norm at the Isle of Man Grand Swiss and becomes Germany's youngest grandmaster in history at age 14.
The COVID-19 pandemic also affects chess. Many tournaments are played online only. From the few over-the-board tournaments, Vincent's performance at the Bundesliga Championship Tournament stands out, where he scored 5.5 points in seven games.
Vincent's club Schachfreunde Deizisau wins the European Club Cup ahead of star-studded teams and Vincent contributes with a 2812 Elo performance to this success.

At the European Individual Championship in Reykjavik, Vincent finishes shared first and becomes vice-champion on tiebreakers, qualifying for the Grand Swiss Tournament in November. There, he sensationally finishes fifth, qualifying for the Grand Prix series 2022.
Vincent finishes school at the start of the year and becomes a professional player. A victory at the Challengers Tournament in Prague is followed by a strong performance at the Chess Olympiad for the German team and a victory at the German Masters.

At the end of the year, Vincent participates in the Rapid World Championship for the first time and receives silver.
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German media

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International media

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Photo gallery

The following photos were kindly provided by Georgios Souleidis.
2018 03 10 Vincent Keymer Schachbundesliga
2018 03 30 Karlsruhe Grenke Open
2018 03 30 Karlsruhe Grenke Open2
2018 04 02 Karlsruhe Grenke Open
GRENKE Chess Classic 2019 Carlsen Keymer-2019 04 20
GRENKE Chess Classic 2019 Vincent Keymer 2-2019 04 22
GRENKE Chess Classic 2019 Vincent Keymer 2-2019 04 24
GRENKE Chess Classic 2019 Vincent Keymer 2-2019 04 28
GRENKE Chess Classic 2019 Vincent Keymer 4-2019 04 24


Please use the following e-mail address to get in contact with Vincent and his parents, the e-mail is forwarded directly:
You can follow Vincent on Twitter and Instagram. However, please use the e-mail address stated above exclusively to get in contact with Vincent.